Eyelash Extensions

Mink Individual lashes are designed to enhance and bring attention to your eyes.  Each lash is carefully adhered to your natural lash giving an appearance of longer fuller and darker lashes.  Decide upon a natural or dramatic look, that is weightless.  Cut down on your beauty routine in the morning , and ditch the mascara.  Individual lashes are perfect for brides, busy moms and those always on the go.


Let your lashes make a statement !


Eyelash Removal................................................$30


Basic Refill

Generally done within 2-3 weeks after initial full set, to  fill in areas where lashes have shed


Appointments made after 3 weeks may require application and charge of a new full set


Weekly Refill

Maximum of 25 lashes applied...............................$25


Weekly refills require an appointment be made at the end of each service.



Winged out: Just a few lashes strategically placed on the outer corners of the eye to give a light flared look $35

30 minutes


Natural: Perfect introduction to lash extensions approx. 50% fullness $85

1 hour


Gorgeous: our most requested lash style with 90-95% fullness. $100

1.5 hours


Colored Lashes: Add a pop of color to show off your fun and flirty side $100

1.5 hours



2 week classic $50


3 week classic $65


Lush Lashes: This look combines both classic and volume lashes to give your lashes a little oomph and drama


2 hours


Bottom Lashes $35

45 minutes


Lash Removal $25


Extreme: This is the omega of lashes. All lashes applied are either 2D,3D or 4D. The result is fluffly, full, lashes that make a statement. $150

2.5 hours



2 week volume $65


3 week volume $85


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